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Mantra Body Spa

Best Body to Body Massage Centre Kotla Mubarakpur Delhi

Full Body to Body Massage in Kotla Mubarakpur Delhi

Full Body to Body Massage in Kotla Mubarakpur Delhi

Get the best massage therapies to cure your body of the stress of daily life at Mantra Body Spa Kotla Mubarakpur Delhi.

Massage Service

Four Hand Massage

Four Hand massage is based on two therapists applying Thai and Balinese massage techniques in harmony. Provides deep relaxation, energizes the body and supports internal balance.

Classic Thai Massage

This massage, which is formed by Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, is mostly done with pressure, stretching and stretching movements. It is made in a clothed semi-hard mattress.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Basalt Stones are placed at the energy points of your body. With Hot Stones and Intensive Massage, Blood Circulation in the Tissue Accelerates and Provides Unique Relaxation.

Hot Oil Massage

Massage massage and hot oil application from the exotic regions of the Far East creates lymph drainage effect while deeply relaxing your whole body, your skin will get the moisture and well-groomed appearance it needs.

Anti Cellulite Therapy

Cellulite massage by female, special oil blends and special applicators will stimulate your blood and lymph circulation, facilitate the elimination of toxins that cause local excess and cellulite in your body, and ensure that the tissues are filled with fresh oxygen.

COUPLE Massage

120 minutes in our double room with relaxing and effective bath salts in the jacuzzi and then 50 minutes of full-body massage, long-term tiredness will eliminate and calmness. You will also receive special champagne, chocolate and fruit.

Stress Reliever Shiatsu

This massage, which is applied with Shiatsu technique without using oil for acupuncture points on the body's energy lines, will accelerate your blood circulation and dissipate your blocked energy and provide you energy.

Tension Balance

It is our body to body massage applied after sports to relax stretched muscles. Your muscles will relax with the use of hard-pressed deep tissue massage effect and special oils with refreshing effect.


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